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3384 Canyon Ferry Road

East Helena, Montana


Our Ethos

The Church is a living organism, organization, and the body of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, as members of the Universal Church and members of the local Congregation known as Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church, we are committed to the following:

1.       To the public and private reading of the Word of God.  Publicly, this is done through preaching, by which expository preaching and literal, historical, grammatical interpretation is the preferred method.  Topical preaching is acceptable as circumstances and situations arise.  Private reading of the Word of God is encouraged through devotions, small groups, bible studies, Sunday School, Awana, and family discipling.

(2 Timothy 3-4) 

2.      To the personal/individual and collective/corporate concepts of worship.  Worship incorporates the belief of giving back to God what God has first given to us.  Worship is done through singing (Psalms, Praise, Hymns), passing of the plate (Tithes and Offerings), baptism (Immersion), feasts (Lord’s Supper), fasting (Withholding), praying (talking with God), and disciplining (Encouraging and Punishing).

(1 John 1-5)

3.      To the usage of the Spiritual gifts and Spiritual fruits produced through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The usage of our gifts and fruits to encourage one another, challenge one another, honor one another, and impact our community to make known the existence of God, the plan of God, and the will of God, personally and collectively.

(1 Corinthians; Galatians; 1 Thessalonians)

4.      To the polity of congregational leadership, by which Pastors, Deacons, Trustees, and Corporate officers will be chosen by the Congregation.  Pastors and Deacons will serve for 5 years with a sabbatical to occur within their fifth year of service.  Pastors will receive 45-day sabbatical, and Deacons will receive a 1-year sabbatical.  Trustees and Corporate officers will be elected by the Congregation to serve for 3-years with a 1-year sabbatical upon completion of the third year. 

(Acts; Galatians; Philippians; Colossians)

5.      To the proper treatment of those elected as Pastor/Elder.  We see the Pastors/Elders as under-shepherds for the Congregation and therefore deserve: to be entreated, honored, submitted to, obeyed, subject of our prayers, remembered, saluted, and called upon for prayer.

(1 Timothy)

6.      To the appropriate action of those elected as Deacons. The Deacon is to serve and assist the Pastors/Elders in providing care to the Congregation, through social and physical ministries, specifically helping widows and orphans.

(1 Timothy; Titus)

7.      To extend authority to the Trustees and Corporate Officers in dealing with legal, physical, and contractual affairs.  We empower these elected officials to prayerfully and faithfully handle subjects of finances, maintenance, and operations of assets and possessions entrusted by this Congregation.

(Acts; 2 Thessalonians)

8. We will let the light of our lives both individually and corporately shine to bring glory, honor, praise, and  worship to God.

Worship and learn with us!

1. Join us on Sundays at 9:15 AM for service

2. Watch recent services below

3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the weekly livestream


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